Chicago Story

May 4, 2021 | Jaci Miller

In the film Pretty Woman, filmmakers glamorized Julia Roberts—heavy makeup, sexy clothes, a certain attitude. She looks like a hooker. But on the streets of Chicago, the prostitutes I saw at two in the morning only looked tired. Tired eyes...

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April 26, 2021 | Megan Schemenauer

The car driving 50 miles per hour down the highway in the left-hand lane. The chatty person in the grocery line in front of you when you just want to buy your milk and eggs and get home. The last-minute email request from your employer at 4:55pm...

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By the Tail

April 20, 2021 | Jaci Miller

“Touch it!” One of my elementary-age kids cheered. The field trip to a pet store had seemed a good summer outing for this class of busy youngsters. I loved encouraging and exploring new experiences with them. But now faced with...

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VSOM Chicago Dream Center Mission Trip | Update #4

April 17, 2021

By Jeremy Johnston Gosh, what an amazing day. Our almighty God shows up every time. We started our day out at 7:30 am, eating breakfast at the New Life Covenant Community Center. After breakfast, we had great fellowship and devotional time...

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VSOM Chicago Dream Center Mission Trip | Update #3

April 16, 2021

Seth Jordan & Pastor Steve Huffman Today we woke up, each a little more tired, and drove to breakfast at the church to get our plans for the day.  We didn’t know what the day had in store as the outreach schedule was...

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