What is "The Vineyard"?

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We exist to make new followers of Jesus and disciple Christians into maturity. We will do this by establishing a church that is filled with the compassion of God, teaches the truth of God—the Bible, and demonstrates the power of God to those who attend The Vineyard and to the world with whom we come in contact.


Values affect how we think and consequently, what we do. They are a driving force, not only in our present ministries, but also in the ministries that are yet to be developed.

At The Vineyard Church, we value:

The Bible | The Bible is our final authority over opinions, dreams, revelations, visions, and any other authoritative source that we may look to for direction.

The Pursuit of God | The depth of God's relationship with us is inexhaustible. Therefore, we seek Him and wait expectantly for His presence in all that we do.

Simplicity | We want to be "naturally supernatural," avoiding behavior that draws attention away from God and to ourselves. Simplicity affects our worship style, how we pray for the sick and minister to the poor, carry out discipleship, teach the Bible and so on.

Relationship | Caring for people is our highest priority after submission to God. To the best of our ability we will treat each person with respect, dignity and loving patience.

The Equipping of Individuals | God calls and enables believers to express the talents, gifts and ministries that He has set aside for them. The orientation of all ministry is toward the integration of biblical truth into everyday living that impacts our community and beyond, not limited to individual improvement or self-fulfillment.

Compassion and Mercy | We desire to accept into our fellowship any sincere believer who is attempting to walk in obedience to God, is repentant of his or her sins and is in submission to the authority of the church.

Unity | Our brothers and sisters are not our enemies. Therefore, we relate to one another honorably, seeking to preserve the bond of peace.

Family | We deeply value the building up of families and believe in the priority of children.

Risk-taking | We are willing to let people make mistakes as they grow in their gifting. We know that gifting develops in an environment of trial and error, so we are willing to be patient with people's weaknesses and failures while they learn.

Generosity | We are stewards of God's gifts and resources. This means that when God directs, we will be willing to give away what we have and to risk the security of current success in order to advance the kingdom on earth in greater ways.

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The Early Years

In 1995, our lead pastor, Mark Pope, felt led to plant a church that would reach out to the lost within our community on behalf of Jesus Christ. This was the beginning of what is now The Vineyard Church. For the first few years, a small group met in Mark’s basement and later grew to renting temporary facilities. On Christmas Eve 2000, we officially became a Vineyard church and moved into our first full-time facility on South Merrifield Avenue. In 2004, we began the process of looking for a long-term place to call home. 

Moving to Jackson Road

On March 1, 2009, we had our first Sunday Celebration in our new building located on the south side of Mishawaka. In the first few months, we saw dozens of people come to Christ, and our attendance quickly grew from 300 to over 700. Over the years, we have had several building expansions, partnered with pastors from around the world for mission’s efforts, and continued to grow.

In order to reach the greater community, Northpoint Vineyard Church was planted in 2013 on the north side of South Bend.

Becoming a Multicampus Church

In 2016, REACH was born out of a recurring dream of Pastor Mark, which underscored Jesus’ mission of saving lost people. What started as a dream to launch five church plants or campuses in five years grew into a vision and a plan where we've seen God’s hand at work. Our desire was to not only extend the walls of the church but also to maintain the spiritual vitality of our original Jackson Road Campus. During REACH, we began an additional campus, birthed new church plants, and experimented in the short term with an additional on-site venue in the Chapel at Jackson Road as well as a distant venue in Sturgis, MI.

2016 | Grape Road Campus
2017 | South Bend Vineyard Church
2018 | Lighthouse Vineyard Church 
2019 | Cornerstone Vineyard Church


Church plants are new churches established around our area. They are independent churches but are still part of The Vineyard Movement. You can learn more about each church below.

Northpoint Vineyard Church

Pastor Tara Wallace was leading at The Vineyard for over 10 years. Much of that time she was involved in overseeing the children's ministry among other ministry areas. Northpoint Vineyard Chuch has a passion to see people know and experience God’s never-ending love for them through the ministry of the local church.

Lead Pastor | Tara Wallace
Address | 
14719 State Road 23, Granger, IN 46530
Phone | 574.252.9225  

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South Bend Vineyard Church

Pastor David & Kim Murrell felt called to plant SBVC after being on staff for a few years and leading the Chapel Venue. South Bend Vineyard Church exists to invite others to know Jesus, invest in believers and impact the community through service.

Lead Pastor | 
David Murrell
Address |
 50715 IN-933, 
South Bend, IN 46637
Phone | 574.276.4108

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Lighthouse Vineyard Church

Pastor Clint Schwartz was on staff as the Executive Pastor at Vineyard Church in Mishawaka for 11 years and Rose served in many areas including Young Adult Ministry, Prayer & Healing Ministry & Photography. At Lighthouse Vineyard Church, their mission is simple: love God, love people, and shine Jesus. 

Lead Pastor | Clint Schwartz
Address | 
3300 Benham Avenue, Elkhart, IN 46517
Email |  

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Cornerstone Vineyard Church

Pastor Matt Poorman was on staff & pastored at The Vineyard Church in Mishawaka for almost 10 years. As a part of that journey, he launched the Grape Road Campus in July of 2016. It grew exponentially throughout the 2+ years of his leadership. With that experience, he felt the call from God to plant a church of his own. Simply, Cornerstone Vineyard Church is enthusiastic about all ages pursuing, experiencing & having an authentic relationship with Jesus, others, and our community.

Lead Pastor | Matt Poorman
Address | 
308 S. Byrkit Avenue, Mishawaka, IN 46544
Phone | 574.222.2633

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