Waiting for Breakthrough

March 15, 2022 | Jaci Miller

It looked like an ordinary rock. But the package promised a glowing, crystalline-structured geode inside. So, Mia, the child I was babysitting, and I dragged out a hammer and sat down to explore.

Given as a gift to Mia and saved for this evening as a special activity, the kit promised geological wonders.

We followed the directions, Mia gently tapping. At first.

Nothing. No cracks, not even a hairline.

She tapped harder, eager to see the interior crystals. Only a few flakes of stony powder flew off.

I took the hammer from her and wailed on the thing. I dented the table.

Even using all our strength and all our smarts, the geode wouldn’t crack. We couldn’t break through. Finally, we gave up.

I long for breakthrough in many areas. Spiritually, I’m hungry for the supernatural. For what I hear others discussing. For what I read about what God has done through others. To see how my prayers change things. That sense of God’s presence in a room. The clarity of assuredly hearing His voice. To see the wonders inside the rock.

I’ve used all my strength, all my smarts. I’ve prayed every which way I know how. I’ve read my Bible. Sought healing prayer. Wise counsel. Still, no breakthrough.

Maybe there’s an area where you long for breakthrough, too. You’re stuck. You’ve done everything you know to do and the rock still won’t crack.

I wish I could provide some mystical hints on breakthrough. If I had them, this would be a very different post.

So, my purpose here? Simple encouragement. To let you know you’re not alone. To remind you that God is still real and that He cares. That we have the hope of Heaven and that this place of “stuck,” this immovability, will not be an eternal situation. 

God may move. He may not. But we can’t quit chasing breakthrough. Because breakthrough may be only a “tap” away. And, pursuing breakthrough is really nothing more than a life spent pursuing Jesus.

Will we quit following Jesus? I surely hope not.

We’ve been asked to wait for the New Heaven and Earth, for Jesus’ return, for God to come in power. All wonders inside the rock, all wonders we can’t access yet. Maybe breakthrough is a waiting game, too.

I wonder if God looks at us and thinks, “How bad does she want it? Will she keep wailing on that rock?” Maybe, one day, He’ll let that stone split.

Even if nothing happens this side of Heaven, I believe faith will be rewarded — someday, somehow. Jesus himself said in John 20:29, “Blessed are those who have not seen and yet have believed.”

I will wait, continuing to hope for breakthrough. Not understanding, but still hitting that rock. With all my strength.