He Chose Silence

March 2, 2021 | Jaci Miller

As a writer, I struggle with writer’s block. That mental silence that prevents putting pen to paper or fingers to keyboard and producing something valuable. Well, honestly, to produce anything.

Jesus never seemed to struggle with a lack of words. He always gave the perfect answer for every situation. The woman caught in adultery. Paying taxes to Caesar. Up against the conspiring Pharisees and Sadducees. In every instance under pressure, Jesus knew what to say. He was also God incarnate. I’m sure that helped.

Additionally, He had the assurance that His words would never disappear (John 24:35) and that, in fact, He was the original Word Himself (John 1:1). No wonder He never lacked for something articulate to say.

Except of course when silence was called for. In Matthew 27:12-14, Jesus—His life on the line—says nothing in His defense against the charges of the chief priests and elders. He could have silenced His accusers instantly. Yet He held His tongue.

At this point, the red letters in my Bible suddenly go black. The one who evaded every verbal trap dangled by his enemies remarkably kept silent. Jesus says nothing more until He actually hangs on the cross. Did He have writer’s block? Suddenly forget His script? In fact, He knew His role so well that He played his silence perfectly.

No oral sparring or clever warring of words was warranted here. Despite knowing all the right answers, He chose the silence to achieve His purpose. The cross waited for Him and He must go to it. Or all His other words would mean nothing.

Being blocked remains the bane of many writers’ journeys. Stilled pencils and silent computer keys torment us.

Jesus’ torment was born of silence too. But instead of nothing, this silence produced what was most valuable. His silence cost Him His life—and purchased ours.

How has God used silence in your life?

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