Grape Road Campus Construction Update

November 2, 2016 | Pastor Matt Poorman

The construction project for our Grape Road Campus continues to move forward and we are excited! Unfortunately, we had a delay in getting permits, but God provided them just in the nick-of-time to keep things rolling! The wall framing for all 3 classrooms is complete, along with all the electrical wiring thanks to Vineyard’s very own John Gemmer & Gemmer Electric! Thanks, John!

The plumbing has finally been inspected and the concrete re-poured. The framing of the bathrooms has now begun, and it will be finished this week. Soon we will have flushing toilets. Also getting buttoned up soon are heating and air-conditioning, fire suppression systems, and the walls are ready to paint.

We have had an awesome volunteer named Tony who has been skim coating the walls that had wallpaper on them in order to prepare them for paint. We couldn’t have done this without him … thanks, Tony!  

Over the next couple of weeks, things will continue to come together, and soon enough we will be moving over 200 chairs from the Jackson Road Campus to the building, hanging the curtain for the auditorium, cleaning the carpets, moving in and doing some church! God-willing, we will be in this space by Thanksgiving weekend, with a public grand opening to follow. We are so thrilled and have already heard some buzz about when we will be opening the doors. We are confident now more than ever of God’s leading to this property. We know He has some GREAT things in store for us and the north side of town!