Audio, Video and Lighting at Jackson Road

January 10, 2017 | Joel Patterson

It’s almost here ­­– the opening weekend of the new auditorium at Jackson Road! The plan is to have our last services in the current Auditorium this weekend for the 2017 State of the Church Address from Pastor Mark. And then the following weekend, be in the new auditorium. To make this quick transition a possibility, about 80% of the equipment we will be using will be new. (We will use most the current equipment that does not make it into the new auditorium in what we are calling “Auditorium C” for now or at other campuses.)

What am I most excited for?

Separate Production Room

  • Why am I excited? With moving to a multi-campus church, we have tried to provide a good video message experience at campuses, but we know there is a lot of room for improvement. The addition of a Production Room will allow us to make necessary improvements.
  • The benefits? The immediate benefit will come in the audio quality for the campuses. Because the Broadcast Sound Tech will be in an isolated room, they will be able to hear a truer representation of what is being heard at other locations. And as a bonus, this room will multi purpose as a studio for videos and photography during the week.

House Lights are LED

  • Why am I excited? For the past 8 years, we have relied on 8 household dimmer switches to dim the lights in the auditorium. Many of our volunteers have asked and researched ways to not have to simultaneously dim all 8 switches by hand, but because each of the bulbs was 500W incandescent, there were no cost-effective solutions. But now, in getting to choose house lights for the new auditorium, we are excited to have LED lights.
  • The benefits? They can be programmed to dim with the push of a single button; They are more energy efficient, and they provide a ton of flexibility and customization from brightness to color.
  • Why different colors? Primarily to bridge the gap between stage and audience. During worship, we aren’t supposed to just watch what is happening on stage, but participate in worshiping our God. While this may come easy to some, it is not easy for everyone to engage. Our hope is that by creating an atmosphere of more inclusion and less observation, that our God will receive more worship.

Using the Same Equipment

  • Why am I excited? Although we are getting a lot of new equipment, other than the lighting console, every other console is the same model that we are using now.
  • The benefits? This means the learning curve for our volunteers is minimized because much of the experience will not be too different than what they are already used to.