What does REACH mean to the kids of The Vineyard?

November 15, 2016

There will be many transitions coming in the next several months which will affect Children’s Ministry. The first is that I will be stepping down from the Director position to join my husband, Matt Poorman, at the Grape Road Campus. Andrew Kurtz will be stepping up to fill the open position this November/December.

Once the offices are complete, Room 2 will remain a hallway to access Big JAM. However, we will be able to start utilizing Room 2 for small group breakouts during some of our larger services. We are also in the process of evaluating how Little JAM is divided among the rooms. We want to make sure the rooms are as evenly split as possible.
Lastly, many are aware that our elementary school kids have been utilizing a portable classroom behind the building to meet in. We are excited that once Auditorium C is complete and South Door Campus relocates there, Big JAM will once again start utilizing Auditorium B. We hope that through all of REACH we will see an increase in adults at Jackson Road and thus more children as well. This may lead to there being a need for more volunteers to step up and pour into the kids of The Vineyard who are already making a difference in the kingdom.