Prayer Works

July 10, 2016

Sandra Senour

I am an elderly woman and for years had battled my husbands' addiction to pornography and it is truly an addiction. I came down for prayer for the first time in a group and felt God's healing touch. Later I again told my husband how disrespectful I felt this was to me and our marriage. Let me tell you there is healing in prayer. A couple weeks later, he gathered up all the porn and discarded them in the trash. I was so thrilled and overjoyed I grabbed Pastor Mark after a service and quickly told him what had happened and how thrilled I was at what God had done. By the way, that was the first time I had met Pastor Mark and I am sure he wondered who this crazy lady was but I was so happy to share it with someone. Honestly, I am not crazy but over joyed with the wonderful way God is working in my life. So thankful for the nice people I continue to meet at The Vineyard.

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