Leadership Development

September 2, 2016 | Pastor Steve Huffman

As we continue to press into the REACH vision to extend our walls at Jackson Road and develop new campuses or plants our need for future leaders is great. The leadership development process is critical for the success of REACH as we expand our footprint at Jackson Road and through campuses or plants in the future. Jesus surrounded himself with disciples that learned from him, heard his messages, and carried it out among the nations. As Paul was going throughout his missionary journeys he gathered people, like Timothy (Acts 16 & 17), that went on to establish new churches and help Paul spread the great new of Jesus.
Leadership development at The Vineyard. Over the last 18 months, we have developed a new pathway to help individuals clarify a potential call to leadership. We kicked off our first leadership development group in the fall of 2015 and called it the “Alpha Team”. Through training and mentoring, they have accomplished quite a bit. They helped develop and launch South Door Campus in October 2015 and help behind the scenes in many various areas.

In 2016, we also launched our second leadership development group and called it the “Beta Team”.  They have also jumped in to help develop South Door Campus and they are traveling along some of the same learning journeys as the Alpha Team.

Through this journey, we have seen each person grow in their relationship with Jesus and witnessed their growth in various areas of ministry. Our hope is that through this program and through others like it around The Vineyard, we help walk beside future leaders and help clarify their call to leadership and ministry.  
Paul was able to partner with those around him, like Timothy, to cover more ground, to spread the great news of Jesus, and to ultimately impact more lives. That is our hope and the reason we are so passionate about our future leaders!