Joy Snacks

April 4, 2023 | Linda McCracken

Joy Snacks. They sound like little tidbits filled with calories that nonetheless tempt us to indulge. They aren’t. 

Joy snacks are the little moments of doing things that bring us joy we deliberately build into our days to remind us that life is worth living. 

For some it may be that first cup of coffee, a morning run, or a hot shower with a particularly fragrant soap or shower gel. Maybe it’s finding some time to read a good book, text a friend, or catch up on a favorite video series. They are all the little rewards we give ourselves for getting up in the morning, working hard, or just getting through another day.

Joy snacks aren’t just the things we give ourselves. God fills our lives with joy snacks too. We often don’t even notice them, because they appear so quickly and are gone before we know it. They just show up! We receive a smile when we are feeling frustrated or discouraged. Or someone helps us in an unexpected way. A book we have been reading suddenly says something that helps us. A friend texts us when we are feeling lonely. A song comes on that speaks hope into our heart. 

Sometimes the surprise is just unexpected and even a little weird. Like ten turkeys walking in the rain. Turkeys have never before visited our neighborhood so to see ten of them strutting through the rain and forming a line to cross the street was strange in an oddly humorous way. I found myself smiling and later thanking God for that tiny gift of joy. 

It is the stopping to register the joy and to thank God for it which takes it from being just another passing moment to being a real blessing. We are provided with a sudden opportunity to connect with Jesus and express gratitude. It takes no more time than a kind touch from a friend. 

It sounds so easy, yet even when Jesus healed ten men from a terrible disease called leprosy, only one of the ten men came back to say thank you. Maybe you think it wouldn’t matter that much to Jesus. You’d be wrong. He asked the one who returned, who was a foreigner, where the other nine were. (Luke 17: 11-19)

Every good gift comes from God. (James 1:17) Even the “joy snacks.” Take a moment to notice and to thank Him. It will give Him joy.