A Benefit of Multi-Campus

September 16, 2016 | Pastor Matt Poorman

Jim Elrod is a newcomer to The Vineyard Church: Day Road Campus. I have truly enjoyed getting to know him and his wife, Cheryl, the past few weeks. Jim & Cheryl have shown interest in the Day Road Campus as far back as February 2016 when we released that we would be starting the campus sometime this year. Since the launch in July, they have attended services regularly, participated in a Connect Group, and are exploring serving in the church.

I spoke with Jim a few weeks ago and asked him if he would be willing to write a few paragraphs of why he and Cheryl have decided to plug into to the campus. I found his comments inspiring, confirming a significant reason we decided to become a multi-campus church. This is what he wrote… “We need Christian community and the essential elements of connection, magnification, and service. Without connection, I feel alone. Without the experience of magnifying the LORD with other believers, God is seen, as a poet once said, 'pocket sized'.  And when I am not actively engaged in serving others I am just a consumer attending services, 'going to church' and ultimately just going through the motions. 
The past few years we have experienced the basic elements of community and worship, but we have not been engaged as we have in the past in serving others for the in depth relationships we have been longing for.  This has not been because we didn't want to, but because the opportunities were few. We were met with closed doors and lack of responsiveness to our volunteerism.  However, from the first time we came to the Day Road Campus, we have found exactly the opposite.  Instead of closed doors, these doors were open and our willingness to serve has been met with a willingness to partner together in serving others, and ultimately serving GOD.  
We are excited to be a part of the Day Road Campus!  We have already been a part of a small group, we are currently exploring volunteer opportunities, and we have also reconnected with some great friends we have known for years. Our hope is that we become all the more connected and help others find a church home within the Day Road Campus community.”
How cool is that! What I love about Jim’s comments is that the sidelines were uncomfortable and being part of the Day Road Campus have provided them an opportunity to jump back in! I couldn’t be more thrilled with what God is up to through the Day Road Campus and am excited about the future as well!